World Of Our Own

"Written on the brink of emotional disaster, "World of our Own" is where we have poured everything to people that have ever felt lost, unloved and hopeless.

On the surface of a song about a failed relationship is a song of someone who has lost everything they've lived for underneath. With everything lost, either through desperation or hopeless optimism is a person trying for their last chance to create a world of their own."

-Between Kings


Nothing can compare to how I feel and I want to shine a new light on the situation. 

There goes my pride, as I kneel before you. There goes my dignity as you turn away. 


Don't tell me I can't, I'll show I will. 

Out in the cold to prove this is real. 

What will it take to show you we can just disappear in a world of our own? 


Ive laid myself bare. 

To scared to feel and I can't take this anymore as my heart hits the floor. 

Why can't I stop my fall from grace? 

This loneliness will devour me and I'll fade away. 


I know how hard you've tried and believe me so have I. 

The only thing that keeps me here is you.

Released May 4th, 2018

225K+ on Spotify


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